Foolish You

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  1. Apr 26,  · “How foolish you are and slow of heart to believe!” Are We? In today’s Gospel (Luke 24, 35), the disciples of Emaus had an immature and wrong view of the Christ’ passion, death and resurrection by looking at the Christ event in the sense of failures.
  2. Foolish you, you want to go away Seeking fortune's favour on your own While the one who stays behind you, Foolish me, is left alone Sad and foolish that's how I feel Don't you know how fortune favours few Fortune's blind as blind as you my dear What a pity, oh foolish you Leaving me this way is hardly fair Must I go seek a fortune too Or must I wait till folly finds it's own way home To me and foolish you Sad .
  3. Foolish definition is - having or showing a lack of good sense, judgment, or discretion. How to use foolish in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of foolish.

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